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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Have You Joined Crowdtap Yet?

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  1. do you have to pay money? What i mean is what's the catch?

  2. There is no catch..I know it sounds like there would be, but I promise you there isnt. Companies pay Swagbucks to advertise on their site just to get you to look at their offers. I have NEVER paid any money for anything on there. There are "offers" but there is naver any obligation!!

  3. Oops thought this was SWagbucks LOL...You are asking about Crowdtap. Its a sampling program. For example, Old Navy asks companies like Crowdtap to get consumers to give their opinion on things. I have been with Crowdtap for 3 month and have received $41...its worth a try...really!!