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Wednesday, October 26, 2011 does this work??

You may here a lot of people talking about Swagbucks, and you are confused how it works or what to do. I was too in the beginning, so dont worry. Swagbucks is a site you go to where you can earn things like gift cards, jewelry, and many other things. You can complete tasks they have, watch short video advertisements, check out offers, surveys and use there search engine to earn points or what they call Swagbucks. I dont do too much of anything but use their search engine and enter codes. They hide codes throughout their blog that are worth points too. Your best bet is to have a routine. I dont spend more than 10 minutes on their page. In the morning when I first sign in, I login through their toolbar for 1SB, then I do the NOSO (no obligation offers) I  skip all the way to the end to collect 2 SB. Next I do the daily poll for 1SB, and then finally I get my searches on. It usually only takes about 3-4 words b4 I am granted my Swagbucks. Then through out the day I will search for the codes in the blog, but I know exactly where to look for those =) Then I do my searches again one more time in the evening. I usually collect about 50 SB a I am claiming a $5 Amazon gift card every 8 days. If you have ANY questions, please ask!!! So are you ready to sign up now? GO HERE to sign up...

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